Dundee Mills Observatory

MillsMore than 10,000 people a year now visit the Mills Observatory and make use of its unique facilities. Admission is free to observatory and displays. A wide variety of services are available for free or with a nominal fee.

Enquiry Service

The Astronomer Dr. Bill Samson, at Mills Observatory is happy to deal with telephone or personal enquiries during opening hours, and written enquiries at any time. Common enquiries include provision of sunrise and sunset times, reports of astronomical and atmospheric phenomena, and of course bookings for group

Group Visits

Groups are admitted to visit the Observatory at any time during opening hours. Special visits incorporating a Planetarium Show and observing with the main telescope, if weather is clear, can be organised currently for a fee of £12.50 per group..

Lecture Room

The lecture room can accommodate up to 40, and provision is available to project 35mm slides, 6cm slides, overhead transparencies, or television-based video media.

Observatory Shop

Mills Observatory Shop The souvenir shop sells a variety of items including telescopes, planispheres, water rockets, shooting stars, rock and mineral , books, posters, sweets and a huge selection of other desirable objects. Telescopes are also available from the observatory shop. These are the Skywatcher 114mm and 60mm refractor telescopes.

Access for people with disabilities

Parking is available outside the building and there is a ramp for wheelchair access to the ground floor area, where the main displays are to be seen and where the lecture room and toilets, including an accessible toilet are located. No lift is available for access to the upper areas, however, a variety of telescopes are available for use at ground level. A webcam attached to the dome telescopes allows viewing on a screen at ground level.

Opening Hours

April – September

Tuesday to Friday 11 am – 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday 12:30 – 4 pm


Monday to Friday 4 - 10 pm
Saturday and Sunday 12:30 - 4 pm

The dome is open every weekday evening from October – March, except in public holidays.